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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Social Networking Sites have become advertising shops

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A Social Networking Site is a site that provides a virtual community in which people with a shared interest may communicate. People can share everything or any movement in his life on social networking sites. They enjoy and they can be in touch with their friends who are so far from them. Nowadays Social Networking Sites have become advertising shops. Companies open their account in these Social Networking Site and promote their brand, because they know that there is lots of traffic for advertisements and the promotion of their brand.

People use these networking sites to promote their site or business for free by creating a business profile. They load images, their logo etc. in their profile and it is visible for their virtual friends and all the users who visit their profile. They also put topics on groups related to their business and establish new contacts that can lead to sales, subscription or anything else.

There are a lot of Social Networking Sites. Every site has different specialities. People open their account in these sites. They share their views and can be in touch with their friends. They also visit these brands that are on these social networking sites. Every person shares their brand with many Social networking sites. It is beneficial for them.

Actually Social Networking Sites are advertising shops because in social networking sites, people try to increase their circle of friends or network and try to become more popular and always want to be connected with their friends. Companies also do same thing, in trying to promote themselves, increasing its customers or sales etc. and always want to be connected with its customers. Both people and companies use the Social Networking Sites to promote themselves.

Facebook, Twitter, Myspace etc. are some of the good social networking sites where advertisers can get good and handsome traffic for their brand.

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