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Friday, June 25, 2010

Competitions encourage or discourage our self confidence.

Competition is a contest between individuals, groups, nations, animals etc., for territory, a niche, or a location of resources. It arises whenever two or more parties strive for a common goal which cannot be shared.

Everything has two parts, one is good and one is bad, then again we accept it that means it has good part more than its bad part.

Competitions are very good in increasing self confidence, because by participating in a competition we can know what type of competition they are running, what is the level of the competition, how weak we are compared to others, how much hard work we need to do to improve, and what we should do to win the competition or at least reach up to competition's level. Whenever we participate in any competition we increase our confidence and we gain something new, we analyze whether our rank is going up or down. If it is going up that means we are progressing, and if it is going down that means other competitors are progressing more than we progress, then we must do more hard work to get an higher rank or to win the competition. We should keep participating in the competition to increase our self confidence because competitions encourage our self confidence.

Competitions also lead to the / discouragement / diminishing / reducing / of our self confidence. For example: When we know that there are a lot of competitors against us and all are very talented, we will think it will be very hard to defeat them, then our confidence can go down.

Some participants participate in the competitions and they get a lesser rank every time. They do not know why it is happening, they think they are weaker and they can not do anything about it. Hence competitions discourage their self competition.

But there is a solution to it; the participants who get less rank should not be disappointed. They should talk with their senior / teacher / consultant / trainer / about why they are getting less rank and how to prepare for the competition. They should join coaching classes. They should always think they can win. If they think they are weaker than the others that means that they need to do more hard work than others do.

Confidence is a feeling and belief we have that we are able to perform a task and overcome the challenges involved. The feeling of confidence concerning the competition means we are sure we can win in any conditions. Having too much confidence and lack of confidence can both be the cause of our defeat.

If we have any weakness, we should keep improving in order to keep alive our confidence in ourselves if we want to win in any condition.

Competition can encourage our self confidence and even discourage it. It depends on us and our knowledge how we handle the situation or competition. We should always keep participating in competition, we cannot live with fear of defeat or fear of discourage of self confidence. We should always do hard work and think positively.