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Friday, March 01, 2013

How I got wet on a rainy day last time

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One evening I left the office to go home. I was riding a bike that day. After riding some distance, there was a sudden downpour. I could not stop where I was there because I had to reach home by a certain time, so I kept riding. The rain was very heavy. It was very hard to see with my helmet on because water was running over the helmet's visor. When I opened the visor the rain drops fell my face and eyes directly and they stung. I was soaking wet and the road was full of water and jammed with traffic. I had to take a long detour to reach home. The route was 5 km longer than the way I used normally. That day I reached home after two hours instead of the usual one hour. This is the story of how I got wet the last time in was a rainy day.