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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Are women better parents than men

It is not logical to say that women are better parents than men. We know about the love of a mother to her child. It is incomparable. But many fields are there where a child needs its father. We cannot compare the love of mother to her child but without its father's love, a child feels insecure. I am also a child that's why I am saying this. If it is asked of me I will say I cannot live without anyone.
I didn't compare my parent's love to me with whoever loves me more.

Mothers are the better nurturers, they spend more time with their children because fathers mostly are out of house and they go to the office. Mothers care for their children's most basic of needs. Children learn a lot of things in their childhood from their mother. We cannot value our mother's love to us. Every mother loves their child whether he / she is good or bad. In all condition a mother's love is true.

On the other hand fathers go to the office so they spend the most time out of the house. Then again they have a special place in the heart of their child and it is very hard to imagine living without a father. A child feels secure and confident with its father. Fathers provide them with a good direction to grow. That is very important for him.

If we ask the question to a child; "Who is better, father or mother?' May be the child will say mother because he spends a lot of time with mother and father spends their time in office and the work outsite of the home. if mother had gone to work, she would also not have enough time. Some children can say father is better because mother interrupts him to do every work and father makes him buy all needful things he needs. In this condition, the child can choose anyone. But if question will be, with which person (Father or Mother) do you want to live? The answer will be, I need both, I cannot live without either one. May be, he likes one person more, but he can not live without other one. This is the truth.

If it is necessary to explain who is better parent women or men? It depends on the answers to these questions; how much patience do they have? How much love do they give to their child? How much time do they have for their child? How are their behaviors? Do they support their child or not etc.

Both of them are the same for the child. We can say they have different aspects which make them who they are. No one would want to pick one or the other. They both are the best. They are half without each other and the child gets only half love without the other one.


Anonymous said...

Actor Neena Gupta, Bollywood’s eternal example of a single mother, did a dramatic turnaround during an interview when she advised women “ to never have a child out of wedlock”. After raising cricketer Vivian Richards’ love child, Masaba, she believes that raising a child as a single mom in a conservative society like India is no cakewalk.

Anonymous said...

Single mother Vindya Sharma too feels that her daughter doesn’t need any connection with the man who deserted them for another woman. "I want to be known as an unwed mother rather than a divorcee, and it’s ridiculous that school records and other official documents only ask for the name of the father, who is inconsequential in my daughter’s life,” says Sharma.