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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Why is your job search not working

Job Search
Searching for jobs can be a tiring affair, especially if the search fails to yield any result. When it comes to job searches most of the people rely on advertisements in the newspapers and over the Internet. But the fact is that only 20 percent of jobs are advertised at any given time, so it is not only hard to find a job it is harder to click to the right job. There may be several reasons why your job search is not working and if you have to get a job of your choice you have to carefully assess the shortfalls in your job search. 

  • Being unable to network properly can be one of the most important reasons behind the fruitlessness of your job search. If you have to get the right job you have to contact the right persons and network properly. Proper networking can always help you secure the right kind of job at the right time. You can visit career fairs and get in touch directly with the recruiters in order to get job opportunities. 
  • Of late applying for jobs online has become widely practiced as it has largely reduced the time and manual effort that goes into applying for jobs. However, online applications that are not accompanied with a good cover letter are immediately rejected. So whenever you apply online remember to attach a good cover letter. 
  • Another important aspect that hampers the effectiveness of job searches is the propensity to stay aloof from latest job news. If you search for jobs once in a while it is likely that it would take years for you to find and secure the job that you want. So, it is better to search for jobs frequently and apply immediately as soon as you come across one.
In order to make your job search more effective and fruitful you have to be more careful than before. Minor errors can keep you away from a good career options that you could have easily secured otherwise.

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