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Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Reasons to use Google Adwords

The best part in Google is, you pay only when a consumer clicks on the ad. Doesn't matter how many are watching your ads. You pay only when someone click on your ad. When someone clicks on your ad, it means he is interested on your product. What’s even better is that you can pause, resume, or even remove an ad whenever you feel like. Further, you reach out to potential consumers even through non-search websites like YouTube and Gmail along with loads of other partner websites. If you are still looking for reasons to use Google AdWords, here are some reasons that will clear your mind of all doubts:

Advertising on a budget

It is belief that bigger the budget, the better the advertising. But Google has changed that. You can select budget for each ad you post, starting from as low as Rs 1,000, and you can scale it up or down whenever you feel the needs. You can use this low budget for entire day using better optimization and targeting a niche audience.

Measure results

It is easier to measure results with this advertising tool. A wide array of metrics like return on investment, awareness about a brand, bounce rate, and conversions helps advertisers keep track of useful strategies. You can even get Google’s opinion on the quality of your ad with quality score.


One of the best features about Google AdWords is that it allows advertisers the flexibility to customise their ads. Be it the scale or the budget of an ad or something as trivial as keywords, if you feel it’s not good, you can always go ahead and change it. You even have the option to schedule your ad as timing. You can select the time period when you want to show your ads to your audience. You can also use ad extensions so that you could post details like contact numbers, location, and images of your business along with the ad.
Fast results

When it comes to fetching results, Google AdWords is a better bet than good old Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). With SEO, it might be difficult to gauge whether a certain strategy is working or not, and it might be some days before you see your website edge higher in search rankings. With Google AdWords, as your investment is linked with pay-per-click basis, it doesn’t take time for you to know how useful a strategy is for your business.

Targeted reach

With Google AdWord’s tailor-made ads, you could narrow down the reach of your product to a certain geographical region. Alternatively, if a product is targeting a certain demographic section, you can customise your ads to target that populace. You can narrow down your target on the basis of age, geographical location, and even language.


You must be familiar with this situation — You visit a website, look at a product, and then return. After some time, you will notice ads of the company magically appearing on the websites you visit. Well, that’s retargeting for you. Your website has a code on its backend. With Google AdWords, the code creates a cookie for every customer. When they leave the website, you could target them on Google searches.

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